VPN Access

Secure, private browsing

If, for whatever reason, you wish to disguise your online footmark, we’ve an ideal option for you. With each of our web hosting plans, you can get VPN access and have your entire incoming and outgoing web site traffic re–routed through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you’ll be able to take full advantage of the very same Virtual Private Network settings on any gadget that is connected to the World Wide Web – your desktop machine, your netbook, your phone, and so on.


A secure and safe web app firewall

Safeguard all your web apps (Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.) against hack attacks with ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a firewall software designed to safeguard web applications against hacker attacks. We’ve set up the firewall program in such a way as to ward off all typical website attacks momentarily. By default, ModSecurity is activated for all domains, but you may easily disable it for any site you would like.

Solid–State Drives

Your web site will be considerably faster with solid–state drives

All new desktop computers and laptops have solid–state disks and for a reason. Solid–state drives provide much faster read ’n’ write speeds, making everything considerably faster. Exactly the same will be valid for your site suggested that you host it with BMtec – all the web hosting servers have solid–state disks and all the sites hosted with us open faster compared to those hosted on traditional hard disk drives.

And the best part is that you don’t need to change, fine–tune or modify anything whatsoever in order to make it work faster.

Faster Performance

We’ve increased the data bandwidth to as much as 10 Gbps to ensure better Internet connectivity and lightning–fast loading speeds for your sites.

Extra machines will streamline routine server maintenance duties and will minimize annoying service disturbances and downtimes. Moreover, all user accounts are now hosted on solid–state drives, which have proven to be much faster and more stable as compared to the regular hard drives.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your database

Generally, a database could only be accessed by web sites that are created in precisely the same web hosting account as the database. But with our easy–to–use Remote MySQL solution, you are able to allow database access to any other hostname. This can be quite useful if you run several electronic stores and wish to share a client database between all of them.

Multiple Data Centers

Web hosting packages on 3 continents

Our web hosting network expands across three continents – North America (the Steadfast data center facility in Chicago, IL, US), Europe (the Pulsant data center in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, the Ficolo underground data center in Pori, Finland and the Telepoint data center in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Australia (the Amaze datacenter in Sydney). This suggests that, irrespective of where you actually reside, you’ll be able to pick a data center that is closest to your target visitors. Doing so, you’ll warrant the fastest possible website loading speeds for all of them. You will be able to pick your datacenter facility with just a click on the order page.

File Manager

A drag–and–drop graphical user interface

Using the File Manager located in the Web Site Control Panel feels the same as working with your own personal computer file system. You’ll be able to upload a file or folder onto our web hosting server or the other way around with a simple drag & drop motion. Additionally, you may create, move, rename, delete and copy files & folders with a simple mouse click. The source code editor and the WYSIWYG editor will permit you to edit your files from inside the hosting Control Panel. If you need assistance, you can check out the available instructional video tutorials.

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